A sit down with the owner of Mini Espresso.

November 7, 2017

Peter is the owner of Mini Espresso, located in London Court in Perth CBD.

He caters for the CBD worker operating on a Monday-Friday schedule. We sat down with him recently to get some advice and perspective on what it's like to be a small business owner.

“Number 1 is the customers. Treat your customers like they are your friends… I think people like that, give them that personal touch, rather than just a hello and goodbye."

At Evari we follow that same philosophy, creating a friendship with our clients, where they can contact us anytime of day and find solutions to their problems. We are there to provide a service, but it’s more than that for us…. It’s keeping the business safe, and the owner happy.

“How to succeed in business is partly personality, and watching your turnover and growth. If it declines - then figure out why, what’s going wrong, or what’s not happening.”

Owner of Mini Espresso, Peter.

By linking to your cloud accounting Evari is able to stay in sync with your businesses levels. If you grow, then your insurance cover mostly likely needs to as well.  Managing cash flow is critical to new businesses, so taking every possible step to get the right price with insurance is easy.

“I like the idea of monthly payments, I think that’s what got me, although we are almost the same every month, knowing you don’t have to fork out the money in one big lump, it makes it so much easier.”

Usually insurers can charge up to 15% of your annual cost to pay monthly. With Evari the option to pay monthly comes at no extra cost. It means life can be a little more manageable and money isn't wasted where it could be saved. 

The advice Peter gives to business owners is to be kind.

"In business it’s about treat people how you want to be treated, and that’s what we do at Mini Espresso and what you do with Evari...the people are so nice, very nice."

Evari is more than just business insurance. We care for our customers and want them to feel comfortable that they have chosen the right insurance that will protect them when accidents happen.

Evari provides policies that are created with small business needs in mind. With Evari you get cover that is adjustable and manageable all year round, and can be tailored to your unique business needs. Evari is the smart choice.

Fotini Kailis


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