Advice and a chat from the owner of Hopper Espresso.

November 25, 2017

Chris is the owner of Hopper Espresso, a coffee shop located on Shafto Lane in Perth CBD which opened in 2014.

Open Monday- Friday, serving mostly the regular business worker, Chris has learnt the in's and outs of having a thriving and successful cafe. We sat down with him to hear some advice and tips for new business owners entering the market.

“Overall the process of starting my own business took 4-6 months to setup properly, but years to perfect. Bringing all the entities into place, ordering a coffee machine, getting the fit out... those initial drawings happen quickly, but getting in motion, that can take a little longer than expected.” 

Managing cash flow is critical when starting a business. The steps to make sure you're not getting ripped off anywhere can be made easier when opting for Evari Insurance. The policies are there to be adjusted, managed and changed whenever necessary. Free of charge. 

If it's important for you to speak to someone to understand your risks, we can walk you through the process and help you understand your cover.

"I talk to people I know in the industry, suppliers, other business owners, cafes. People make mistakes, but listening to what they say, so you don't make them yourself is critical."

Hopper Espresso, Shafto Lane

It’s critical to us that we understand the business, the way it functions and the values attached to it. We are real people, who care about your livelihood and your businesses. We don’t just give you insurance, we provide a service you can trust.

"The personable factor and service is important, it’s good.” 

Choosing Evari means you can choose policies that best suit your businesses changing needs. The benefit of this is that you never pay too much, but you’re always covered to the right amount. 

“We follow the lifestyle of the office worker, Monday-Friday. Christmas time people usually take annual leave so we get quieter, that just means adjusting my cover where necessary.” 

The cloud accounting connection makes sure businesses can ensure that they are covered properly. By allowing Evari access to your accounting software, your insurance policy stays in sync with your business. This means you don't risk being under or over insured - you get a clear view.

“I like how with Evari you check in and offer that interaction, it’s different, I never had that before."

Chris's advice for small business owners, both new and exsisting is simple:

"Do a business plan, speak to an accountant and get proper advice. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. spend money to make money."

If you’re a small business and want to feel the Evari change, get a quote today.

Brack Norris

Entrepreneur and extreme sports enthusiast

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