How Evari has been a god send for a Handyman's business.

February 27, 2018

We recently sat down with Stirling Jebb to find out how Evari’s clever insurance has helped him kick goals with his handyman business.

After years in the corporate world, Stirling has recently got back into what he loves; working with his hands as a handyman. For him, Evari’s insurance has been the perfect find for his business, as his cover can both reflect the days he works and the level of cover he requires.

Winding down towards retirement, he didn’t want to completely stop working, but wanted to do something he was passionate about at his own pace.

“I had always loved working with my hands and being sort of a ‘jack of all trades’, but never really focussed on it full time… The fact I can work my own hours and go on holiday whenever I feel like it is a dream come true.”

With the hours he works changing frequently, his insurance policies needed to be dynamic and adjustable. Business insurance was something he didn’t want to be ripped off by.

“Evari was a god send for my business…. I never thought it would be possible to find an insurer that lets you only pay for the days you work, it’s remarkable for me that my cover actually reflects my business lifestyle!”

Evari has been the perfect fit for Stirling when choosing business insurance.

 For those that don’t work full time hours each week, or decide to go on holidays throughout the year, the ‘pause’ feature can save tradies a lot of money over the course of a year since you only pay for the days you work! Just make sure you keep adding in your pause times when you're not working! 

The pause feature works by allowing customers to select the days they aren’t working through their personal dashboard and pause their liability cover on those days.

Where Stirling has really reaped the benefits with his Evari insurance policy, is when he has larger scale clients and his cover needs to change for a short period of time.

“I occasionally do work for a large scale company in Perth CBD and they require me to have $20million liability cover. Most of the year I usually have that set at $5m. When I begin work for them, I  simply increase my cover by logging onto my dashboard. Once that work is over I then decrease it back down. 

Being able to pay only for what I use is a game changer.”

With Evari’s online platform you can also instantly download proof of insurance certificates to show to clients. For most tradies, you will not be allowed to begin work on a site without this.

“I love how I can control my cover online. I don’t need to sit on hold to make changes or wait around for someone to get back to me. If I decide not to work one day, or go on holiday,  it’s so easy for me to login and pause my cover on the selected days off.”

Traditionally, insurance is renewed once a year, and the insurance values may or may not be checked and updated at that time. This often results in businesses being over insured and paying too much, or underinsured putting them at risk of loss.

Evari was created to solve the problems people have in buying and managing their business insurance. With an intelligent platform and user friendly approach, getting business protection is finally fast, easy and understandable.

“It took me less than 3 minutes to get a quote and buy my policy online. If I ever decide to expand my business and add employees, or work more, I know I can hop onto my account and instantly adjust my cover as I need to.”

It’s important to remember not just one type of insurance will be sufficient enough to protect your business. Business insurance is a necessary requirement for tradesman who subcontract and/or own their own business. This is inclusive of public liability insurance, which protects the tradie in the event they cause property damage while working at a job site.

Without public liability insurance, a tradesman may not be able to pay for the damage, replacement or repair and will be left out of pocket.

If you have any employees you may be required to have Workers Compensation. Each state and territory has its own workers’ compensation scheme and legal requirements.

Why does a handyman need insurance?

Exposure to hazardous materials, solvents and chemicals
Increased risk of slips and falls on wet/uneven surfaces
Damage to property from tasks you completed
Physical injury to clients as a result of your work
Damage or theft of your tools and equipment

How Evari can benefit your trades business:

Financial protection against any claims of liability or negligence
Cover if your work results in damaging property
Cover if someone gets hurt during the course of your work
Protection for your tools and equipment
Costs incurred during a tax audit

Head to to get a quote and buy a policy today.

Fotini Kailis


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