How to Cancel your Evari Policy

Do you need to cancel or just need a pause? 

We're sorry to hear you may want to cancel your policy with us
We understand there are many reasons why you may not need your cover anymore. We're here to help, feel free to contact us to answer any questions, help you manage your cover or let us know what we could have done better.

Do you know about our unique Pause Feature?
Have you thought about pausing your Legal Liability cover instead of cancelling your policy? Our award-winning Pause Feature helps you take control of your insurance and could save you money.

Learn more about Evari's pause feature.

How to cancel your policy

Log in to your account

Choose Profile

Click “Cancel Policy” to start. A message will be displayed with information about your cancellation.

Confirm the cancellation

Type ‘cancel my insurance’ in the box and then click “Confirm”.

Cancellation of your policy will be effective immediately.

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