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Our Partner Program is about collaborating with businesses whose own clients have a need for insurance.

If your business uses subbies, works with tradies or professionals, consultants and freelancers then our partner program is a great way to get a win - win!

By registering as a partner you can opt in to receive a bonus or pass on a discount to your customers by and sending your unique referral link to them.

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Partner benefits

Client benefits

It's time you introduce your clients to cutting edge, world first small business insurance, that utilises cloud connectivity and takes the stress out of buying business insurance. 

We work with a range of partners who provide outstanding service and who pride themselves on working in the best interests of their client.

As an approved partner, we’ll give you an opportunity to list your business on our directory of partner businesses. This exposure helps promote your own services to our clients at no charge.

We’ll also help you to proactively support your clients in understanding their business risks through access to our partner tools and resources pack.

Why should you talk to your customers about insurance?

Insurance is something that any small business owner should be mindful of, but unfortunately most businesses only consider this annually at best.

Our partners find that they are well placed to engage clients in an initial conversation about their insurance. If you are providing services at a time when a clients' business is changing, it's a timely opportunity to mention their insurance.

Common triggers to look out for include:
- changes in revenue;
- changes in legal structures;
- changes in number of employees
- changes in assets (stock, contents and/or equipment);
- changes in premises;
- changes in other financial products (e.g. loans)

We collaborate with referral partners who have strong businesses themselves, whose own clients have a need for our insurance, and who have a desire to introduce their clients to a genuinly different dynamic insurance proposition, without taking on any additional compliance obligations themselves.

We provide referral partners with a range of tools and support to help them introduce their clients to our insurance offerings and help with marketing and promoting the Evari platform and products to their customers.

The big benefits

  • Free referral exposure on our website
  • Tools for conversations with your customers
  • Assistance with content creation strategies
  • Diversification of revenue streams

    Our integrated partners choose to use our APIs to digitally integrate our insurance offerings alongside their own services/products, and enable frictionless quotes and purchases of insurance within their own websites and digital platforms.

    All the fulfilment and ongoing policy management is done through the Evari website, which gives customers the same seamless experience they would get if buying the insurance from the Evari website. 

    The big benefits

    • Seamless integration of insurance quote / buy in to your workflow
    • Instant electronic proof of insurance
    • Diversification of revenue streams
    • Assistance in the creation of content and digital ads
    • Tools for conversations with your customers

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