Referral Partner Agreement

Getting set up with the Evari Partner Program

It’s easy to become an Evari Referral Partner.

Simply complete the partner registration form and once approved by Evari we’ll give you a unique Referral Partner link and other tools to make it easy for you to refer your customers to Evari.

As a Referral Partner you will be eligible to choose between receiving and/or sharing the following referral incentives:

  • Be rewarded for your referral:  We’ll pay you $40 for each successful referral; or
  • Share the love:  Collect $20 yourself, and we’ll give your customer $20 credit towards their Evari policy; or
  • Be generous:  Give your customers the gift of $40 credit towards their Evari policy.

Evari reserves the right to accept or decline any organisation or individual as a Referral Partner.

Your Obligations

When presenting or discussing Evari and our products we require you to follow our Branding and Promotional Guidelines which contain logos and ‘buttons’ that you can display in your digital media. We grant you a non-exclusive non-transferable royalty-free licence to use the logos and buttons in the Branding and Promotional Guidelines for the sole purpose of performing your obligations as a Referral Partner under this Agreement. The licence terminates when this Agreement does.

We’ll also provide you with information on what you can and can’t say about Evari and our products, as well as any disclosure obligations that you have to make to your customers.

When providing a referral you must:

  • not complete or assist someone to complete any application or proposal form for an insurance policy;
  • not engage in misleading, deceptive or unconscionable conduct; and
  • not act in any manner which damages the reputation of Evari or any of its Related Companies or brings any of them into disrepute.

You are not authorised to do any of the following on behalf of Evari:

  • conduct any form of Dealing in relation to Evari’s products;
  • provide any Financial Services in relation to Evari’s products unless you are duly authorised to do so under an AFSL of which you have notified us;
  • bind, vary, cancel or void insurance cover;
  • receive or collect premiums;
  • deal with or settle a claim;
  • accept any liability or risk; or
  • purport to do any of the above.

Our Obligations

For each policy referred by you, Evari will track and attribute any referrals that come from you, via the unique referral link we will have provided you, for the purposes of:

  • Paying you any incentives that are due to you; and
  • Applying credits to the accounts of customers referred by you.

For payments due to you, Evari will deposit the amount owing into the bank account nominated by you within 30 days of the referred customer either a) paying their yearly premium, or b) making their second months payment on a pay-by-the-month policy.

For credits due to customers referred by you, Evari will apply the credit as a discount to the second pay-by-the-month payment; or, in the case of yearly payments, refund to the customer the incentive amount during the second month of their policy.

No incentive shall be payable after this agreement is terminated or if the referred customer cancels their policy before the second month’s premium payment is received by Evari.

Termination and duration of this agreement

This agreement is effective immediately from the time that you receive your unique Referral Partner link and will continue until this agreement is:

  • superseded by an updated Referral Partner Agreement;
  • terminated by either party without cause, by providing one month’s notice in writing to the other party;
  • terminated by either party immediately upon written notice being provided to the other party for a material breach of any part of this agreement.

If this Referral Partner Agreement is terminated for any reason you will no longer be eligible to receive any incentives in relation to this agreement or display and represent Evari’s brand and products. You must remove all logos and buttons provided by us from your materials and delete or otherwise permanently destroy all hard and soft copies of the same.

Our relationship

No agency, partnership, joint venture or employment is created between Evari and you as a result of this Referral Partner Agreement. You are not acting on behalf of Evari, and not authorised to create any obligation, express or implied, on behalf of Evari.

This Referral Partner agreement does not affect Evari’s Terms of Use, which should be read in conjunction with this agreement. Evari’s Terms of Use will continue to apply both during and after termination of this agreement.  

In the event of any inconsistency between this Referral Partner Agreement and Evari’s Terms of Use, then Evari’s Terms of Use will take priority.


You agree to indemnify Evari against any and all claims, costs, damages and/or loss that Evari may sustain or incur, as a result of any claim by a third party, including your clients and any Evari customers, arising from:

  • your breach of this Referral Partner Agreement; and
  • your acts or omissions.

You will continue to indemnify Evari as set out above following termination of this agreement.

Modification of this agreement

Evari reserves the right to update or modify this Partner Agreement from time to time in its sole discretion. Updates to this Referrer Partner Agreement will be published on Evari’s website and a notice of the updates will also be emailed to you at the email address you have nominated.


Evari reserves the right to accept or decline any organisation or individual as a Referral Partner

These terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Western Australia, Australia.