Family Violence Policy


This Policy outlines Evari’s approach to identifying and engaging with vulnerable customers who may be affected by Family Violence (“Affected Customers”).

Application of the policy

Family violence is violent, threatening or other behavior by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family  or causes the family member to be fearful : Family Law Act 1975.

In addition to physical violence it extends to emotional, psychological, sexual, financial / economic abuse as well as threats of such abuse and includes damage to property and animals.

Principles of Engaging with Family Violence affected Customers

We want to ensure that when we engage with our Affected Customers we:

  1. Identify if they are affected by Family Violence;
  2. Make decisions taking into account the Customer’s and their family’s’ safety,
  3. Engage with the Customer in a way that is sensitive, fair, respectful and dignified;
  4. Support the Customer as best we can as well as our staff who may be involved in engaging with Affected Customers.

Managing relationships and processes with Affected Customers

Identification of Family Violence Affected Customers

Affected Customers may self-identify as being affected by Family Violence.  Evari will engage with that Affected Customer in accordance with this policy.  Evari does not require proof such as a restraining order or other evidence.

Evari provides training to its staff with a view to being able to recognise potential Affected Customers in circumstances where the Affected Customer does not self-identify.

Evari will also seek to identify any customers affected by Financial Hardship.


Evari will treat all information about a Customer sensitively, and where possible take measures to protect the confidentiality of the information.  This is particularly important regarding locations or addresses or personal contact details of the Affected Customer or their family.

Cooperate with Customer

Evari will engage with the Affected Customer and discuss safe ways to communicate and record the Affected Customer’s preference on the Customer’s file.  

Evari will make an internal record of Affected Customers so an Affected Customer does not need to identify as such in each communication with Evari.

Where possible Evari will assign a particular customer service representative to provide consistency in communications with the Affected Customer.  Evari will also where requested by an Affected Customer communicate with another party authorised by the Affected Customer, such as their lawyer, social or community services provider, or family violence specialist, or friend.

Evari will provide an Affected Customer with this policy when requested and the policy will also be displayed on Evari’s website.


Evari will endeavour to engage with Affected Customers in ways which respect their circumstances and with compassion, such as understanding they may have limited access to information.

Referral to Third Party Services

Evari is not qualified to assist customers with dealing with Family Violence beyond measures identified in this policy, and where appropriate we refer the Affected Customer to relevant third party specialists.

Support for Staff

Evari recognises that staff engaging with Affected Customers may require assistance and support, either in general or because Family Violence has played some part in their personal experiences.

Claims Handling

Where a claim is made Evari will take into account the Affected Customer’s circumstances as well as where permitted, advise the claims handler that the customer is an Affected Customer and pass on relevant information such as safe ways of communication with the Affected Customer.

Debt collection

Where Evari has identified an Affected Customer, Evari will not refer or sell the debt onto third-party debt collection agencies.