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Pause your cover and only pay for the days you work.

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I like the idea of monthly payments, it makes it so much easier!

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Pausing my cover and only paying for the days I work... that's a game changer!

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The personal factor and service is important, it’s good.

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Pause your liability policy and only pay for the days you work.

Put your insurance on pause when you don't work or take a break. Save time, money and better manage your cash flow by only paying for the cover you need when you need it.

Buy and manage online with no fees

We're not a broker, so we won't charge you to set up, adjust or cancel your policy. With 24/7 access to adjust policies.

Pay monthly with no interest

We won't charge you premium funding when you choose to pay monthly, which means significant savings on your policy.

Proof of insurance in real time

You will need to show proof of insurance before you start working. Get your Certificates of Insurance from our website - instantly and free of charge.

Protection for your tools of trade

Cover your tools of the trade, equipment and stock against loss, theft or damage in the event of an accident. We'll insure you against burglary, fire, storms and more.

We've got you covered

Tools & Equipment

Up to $25,000 worth of tools and equipment.

Cover for your tools and equipment against loss, theft or accidental damage whilst at work, or where your tools are stored.

Tax Audit

Cover for up to $50,000 per year.

Cover for the unexpected costs incurred in responding to an audit of tax returns that you have previously lodged.  

We are a coverholder at Lloyd’s, which means your insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, giving you piece of mind knowing your Evari policy is backed by some of the best.